Friday, 1 April 2011

log cabin pincushion

Last week I tried my hand at log cabin for the first time, like Atina not so long ago, and taking my inspiration from the same source, Pink Penguin. It was a lot quicker to make than I thought, but as usual, being the capricorn that I am, I decided to go ahead without a pattern, and made it up as I went along. The result is a pretty pincushion in blue tones with tiny little flaws.

If it keeps on raining this weekend, I'd love to perfect my technique. If you know of any good tutorials around...


  1. magnifique !!!!
    (j'ai lu ton comme chez le chat à propos de ta mère. On partage les même sentiments même si ça va mieux depuis la naissance de Clo -parce que c'est SA petite fille, tu vois ? Plus que MA fille...)
    Bon WE !!

  2. I love it! here's a great tutorial for making tiny pincusions:
    Lots of love,


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