Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Goodbye Vietnam

I am hanging on to that feeling I have had for the last couple of weeks. It goes diminishing everyday as normal life and its routine actions take over my life again. My head is still full of beautiful memories from that land far far away, its contrasts, natural beauties and thought-provoking history.
Stow away your tray tables, sit back and relax, I'm taking you to Vietnam for a few minutes.

Halong Bay

The tasty food of the Red Bride cooking school

 One of my finest "Kodak moments" - capturing the fishing net in Hoi An bay

Mekong delta

I disconnected, ate weird and wonderful food, drank cocktails, went kayaking in Halong bay, and took my first balloon ride. What a fantastic time!
Please do not use, print or copy any photos without permission.


  1. AMAZING photos, looks like a wonderful trip!!

  2. The pictures are very good! I really like that fish! did you eat it?

  3. Wow, that seems like an incredible trip! Thank you so much for sharing the fantastic photos.

  4. Yes, we ate all of that fish. It's called the elephant ear fish. The house lady shwoed us how to eat it - rolled up in rice paper with thin pineapple slices and mint, a real find!


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