Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My First Quilt

May I (proudly) present...


  • All material for this quilt / bed cover is from Ines Patchwork, based in Paris (métro St Ambroise).
  • The wadding is a very fluffy one, measuring up to 6cm.
  • Finished product is around 130x130 cm.
I know this is quite a simple project, especially when comparing to some of the top seamstresses out there - check out Summerfete or Henhouse in my links) but I love my little quilt! The fabrics are a little bland maybe, but I just fell in love with them. My next one will no doubt be a more colourful affair, and I plan to make full use of my Material Obsession book. I like the pattern for "Candyshop", but would like to make something bigger, and properly quilted of course!
 In the meatime, due to lack of summer sun, I can thoroughly enjoy my lovely fluffy little quilt.


  1. That's gorgeous! I adore how squashy it looks...almost like an eiderdown. Which wadding did you use?

  2. It looks lovely! I haven't made a quilt yet, but it's something I want to learn how to do. Yours looks so warm and comfortable that it's an inspiration!

  3. Très joli quilt !! Félicitations !! Ca fait un bail que je n'ai pas fait un tour dans ce magasin de patch :-)

  4. I love the fabrics you chose. You've done a great job! I love it!

  5. Thanks for your comments! It's nice to hear and warms the heart!
    Florence - the wadding is a polyester "edredon" special from the patchwork shop I mentionned. they have a lots of pics on their website, it should be easy to find!

  6. I'm so impressed! I really want to make a quilt, but it seems so daunting. I think the colors are gorgeous!


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