Wednesday, 6 March 2013

simple lunch

Yes. Turns out, I think I could easily get used to being at home and  working on nothing else but "nesting". Of course, the circumstances are very particular, and they are definitely conducive to me not worrying in the slightest about work - what a nice change!

So far my first days off have been filled with simple activities. I have finally caught up with the very good Spiral, made little thank you notes inspired by the birthday card I got from Atina Alga, and had simple, healthy lunches (only to spend the afternoon stuffing myself with chocolates!). Oh, what a life, hey?


  1. Merci pour ton passage chez moi, ça m'a touchée.
    Toi ça va ?

  2. try to get the most of your "nesting" and enjoy the non working time. I am green with envy! Lot of love.


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