Saturday, 16 March 2013

simple lunch

I am making the most of being at home this week, as you can see! And we even got blessed with a bit of sunshine, which was absolutely lovely. But since yesterday it's nothing but gloomy rain again - not that I mind, really - it gives me an even better excuse not to strain myself.

I've been reading Hen's posts this week with a lot of compassion. She explains how sometimes it can be disheartening not to get many comments on one's posts. I could not agree more, and find it, personally, quite hard to stomach too sometimes, especially given the actual number of visits I get (thanks, tracking website!). But hey ho, that's life I guess. And just like Hen, I have had to leave a certain amount of security up on my comments - I don't know about you, but I am literally fed up of all those "anonymous" spam comments that go on about "how engaging my post is" or "how interesting that I raised this topic". Give me a break!

Still, it's nice to see your blog being visited, and it always astonishes me how far some of you connect from. Places that make me dream with envy - the West coast of the USA, Brazil, Algeria, Portugal, the Philippines, etc.

Thanks to you. And I'll just keep on writing. This is my little private place (ironic, I know!!) to share a bit of me. And I shall try to comment more on site I like, like Hen's.

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  1. you left a comment on my blog about the Eternal Maker fabrics I posted, Thankyou! but when I tried to respond- I attempt to respond to all comments I receive-your profile is set to 'no reply' so there is no email link to respond to. Just thought you might like to know x


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