Monday, 30 September 2013

my favourite season

When I leave the house in the morning the air is crisp and the sky full of light wind which makes me dizzy. I put the heating on in the car. The heating is on in the morning in the house too, just to take the edge off when you slip out of bed.

Leaves are slowly starting to turn yellow, red and brown. Flocks of birds are migrating in the sky. In the evening time is suspended while the sun sets, as Baby and I watch from the comfort of our warm and cosy home.
Pubs and restaurants have already started advertising their Christmas menus, and over on the Posie Gets Cozy website, ornament kits are being assembled. Autumn is here, and I couldn't be happier!
Over here, not much is new. I promised a post this weekend, and...well...I nearly managed! This evening I have to charm the man of the house into giving me a few free minutes to pen these words. Nothing new, as I said. Time still escapes me like when you pick up a fistful of sand at the beach and it all disappears through your fingers. Still, I am working hard on trying to complete my next baby playmat and have tried to do a few stitches every night week.


  1. Such a lovely post, I adore all of the autumn posts on mt favourite blogs at the moment! The baby playmat looks gorgeous! x

  2. No doubt: Autumn is the best season. Love the fabric convination in the new baby's playmat.


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