Monday, 14 October 2013


This October I am loving a few things, like

♥ the approach of the Great British Bake Off final - it's the first year I watch all of it, and I am very excited! 
♥ pretty red kalanchoe - they add a bit of peps to our table
♥ watching Baby crawl instead of dragging herself on the floor. She can finally use her knees.
♥ generally speaking, watching Baby do just about anything. She fascinates me with her eagerness to work things out by herself. She makes us laugh out loud, worry for her fragile little person, and every emotion in between.
♥ autumnal walks in the park - weather permitting, that is! The cold front has appeared out of nowhere and it's as if the remnants of summer never existed.
♥ getting back in shape and wearing skinny jeans again - Yeah! ♥

1 comment :

  1. Nice post Mrs Lavender. Can't believe Baby Lavender already crawls! isn't she too little? anyway, take care of your back, she'll become a toddler very soon!


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