Tuesday, 22 October 2013

tarte aux pommes

Well deserved time out. Baby and I are already having a grand time on day 2 of the holidays. I have baked a simple apple tart which turned out to be fabulous (no soggy bottom either, Mary Berry would be proud!) and Baby had her first taste of meat and loved it.
She makes a right mess too now and loves emptying her toy box! She is so curious. She looks at everything in amazement and we look at her trying to figure things out for herself. It's bliss.
Now that I am a bit more at peace I should be able to do more around the house. Thank goodness for holidays.


  1. The tart Looks delicious! Is the fourth pic the new playmat? Wish u take the most of your holidays darling.

  2. No, this is a really old one from a couple of years ago. I am yet to finish the new mat...


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