Friday, 3 January 2014

Best wishes

Well, this is it. 2014 has come and the holiday is nearly over. It's been a good time, even though not much has happened: no reading of the couple of books I had lined up, definitely no work prepared for next week, no sewing, and not much sleeping (when can I start having a snooze until 8 again?). Instead, lots of cuddling with Baby, cooking, a new header for this blog, walks in the park and trips to the city, a couple of good movies and a spot of retail therapy.
Resolutions have never really been my forte, so again this year I fail to make any but promise myself to try and keep calm and look after me and my two favourite people, and use my best judgement as much as possible. That should do it. The other things will hopefully just fall into place by themselves over the next twelve months: treat ourselves to our first holiday, sew sew sew, worry less about work, go back to healthier-looking food, spend lots of time with Baby before she fully turns into a little girl (sometimes it scares me how much she has changed already).

♥ happy  2014


  1. Congratulations! I have been gone from blogland for too long - so excited to read about your baby girl!

  2. What a surprise your new header! I do like it! Nice way to start the blogging year. Wish you have a happy-healthy 2014! (Take especilly care of your back as the baby is becoming a toddler)


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