Tuesday, 14 January 2014

new sewing project

2014, as promised, will not see me making any resolutions. And yet, I insisted in setting myself a small challenge for January. It's hard to describe but I have felt a small shift in my way of seeing things. January is my month, and as a Capricorn things tend to be over-analysed and take for evvvveeeeer to actually come to completion. Somehow though, it feels like my looming birthday has given me a big kick in the backside and I have embarked on another baby quilt project.
This weekend I left all the dirty dishes in the sink, ignored all the little things I needed wanted to fix and just did a bit of cutting and arranging fabric squares. Bliss. Then I did more ignoring of the chores and just sewed all the squares together. More bliss.
Tonight I plan to not only sandwich the top, middle and bottom layers together but also start hand-quilting it. Why not?z
I see wonder women everywhere on the net who seem to be able to do it all: job, home-maker, mother and crafter. Maybe they're just bragging. Or maybe I just need to prioritise things differently again from now on if I truly aspire to be a bit more like them.
2014 is still young, but as I keep writing in my students' reports I will do my best and strive to achieve my full potential. Sounds like a plan!


  1. What a nice convination, looking forward to seeing it done. Take your time though enjoying the handsewing!
    To be honest, I dont really like those women who seen to have time to do absolutely everything. I prefer those humble ones that inspire others with little things. Try to be a wonder woman must be exhausting and frustating, in my case.
    Love the pic with baby Lavender messing the squares!

  2. Je vois que tu as une Singer ! C'est bizarre, avec les grosses bobines il arrive que le fil n'arrive pas à se dévider ! As-tu rencontré ce pb ?


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