Thursday, 31 July 2014


For the first time in many many years, we have decided to take it easy on ourselves this year and stay in the UK for the summer holidays. No airport, ferries, million suitcases and endless baby paraphernalia to pack and unpack. And oh joy, so far it has been probably the nicest British summer, so it's been a pleasure. From our little holiday villa we have enjoyed endless barbecue nights, a little bit of bubbly to celebrate two years of married life, and the most amazing fresh air and sweet sunrises. Baby has taken her first steps in the swimming pool and likes it, she laughs as she splashes around and is astonished at all the others kids around and how confident and playful they are. She would like to join in, and very time I think we have taken the right to put her in nursery, she's so sociable and happy to meet new people. It's truly a pleasure to watch our daughter grow, smile, be surprised, touch flowers with the very tip of her fingers, and have long baby-speak conversations with herself. Our baby. 

Malheureusement, tout comme le Chat l'autre jour, mon ipad m'enerve et je ne sais pas comment mettre les accents. Je sens que je vais m'enerver et ca, c'est pas bon quand on est en vacances, alors desolee, mais pour une fois ca sera sans traduction mes chers compatriotes... A bientot..


  1. :-)
    ah merci de me soutenir... je me sentais vraiment un peu bête de ne pas savoir... et je ne sais tjs pas... ah si, une fidèle lectrice m'avait je crois dit qu'en appuyant long sur la touche la tablette pouvait te proposer les accents... ah là là, ça nous rajeunit pas tout ça ;-)
    Tchin ! (bon goût pour l'apéro !)

  2. pouf pouf mon com s'est effacé... bon bref, en résumé je te disais que tu as très bon goût pr l'apéro (et d'autres choses aussi pour les accents ;-)


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