Monday, 21 September 2015

late summer

Well, once again the start of the school year has kinda hit me like a train. It's been a non stop fortnight, especially as our offices have all been moved around. Having a new responsibility in school has brought a couple of challenges already but yada yada yada...bored talking about work already.
On the home front not much has happened, our dream of becoming home owners has hit a bit of a delay, but we keep our fingers crossed that all will be fine if it's meant to be, no need to torture ourselves too much. For now I've been concentrating on making a new set of curtains (the old ones were literally about to fall apart, never seen fabric turn so badly in my life after a wash) and following the Bake Off religiously. This year I've fully embraced it and already made a few of the recipes from the contestants - all yummy stuff.
We've not really had much luck with the weather lately, it's that time of year when you wonder whether you'll have to put the heating on tonight. Still, nature's not completely given up on summer yet as you can see from the pretty sights from Hampton Court, and sensationalist headlines are promising an indian summer, as they do always do around this time of year.
Well this is it for now dear readers. Much needed rest awaits if I'm to make the rest of the week :)

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