Friday, 29 January 2016

my little box

Please forgive me, for I have been weak and gave in to temptation...but would you just look at that? Isn't it the most gorgeous thing to come through your post on a dreary January day?
After seeing a lot of fellow French bloggers showing off their "my little box" on their sites every month, I have finially decided to give this a go, with it being my birthday month and many other excuses I can't think of right now, I subscribed and got my first box in the post last week. Yay!

Each new box carries a different theme and is filled with beauty and lifestyle goodies. This month it's a "little wish box" and the lifestyle goodies are a gorgeous planner and some ribbony bracelets, and over on the beauty side I got a Ren micellar water. I use micellar water everyday and haven't tried this one, so it's great to give this new product a go. Next was a miracle day cream by Garnier, and then a very soft and lovely lip balm from My little box's own beauty range, My little beauty.

On the whole I really like the concept, and it's the ultimate feel-good postbox treat. And on the plus side, in a way it makes me feel a bit connected with the old country (I never really admit it, but I do miss you, France!) I think overall the best thing for me has to be the packaging, neat, pretty, goodies came in a lovely string bag, oh, and I forgot the magazine, too! So far, so good, folks. Let's see what February will bring. Can't wait!

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