Monday, 16 May 2016

my little Dolce Vita box

May's installment of My Little Box arrived sooner than any other before, and what a great, GREAT box it is this month! The Italian Dolce Vita theme is just perfect to put you in the mood for a mini break, and it was filled with fantastic giveaways. I had the chance to spend a few romantic days in Rome about five years ago, and for me nothing says Italy like a good pizza or plate of pasta. I took some of my inspiration for this shoot from My Little World magazine, where my favourite pasta revealed that I was a "free spirit" with "wild, crazy ways". My husband completely lacked second-degree humour when I told him about my pasta psychology, but that's men for you, isn't it?
Anyway, let's have a look at May's offerings. 

First of all the beauty goodies are perfect for the season. I could not resist trying the perfume straight away, La fille de l'air by Courreges. It's summery, fresh and actually quite easy to get used to, even for someone like me who hates changes in any shape or form. Then we have a green tea and jasmine body oil by Baija (never heard of them before, I'll confess), which I also tried and it's lovely. Somehow its smell tranported me back to long-gone summer days of my teenagehood, not sure why or where, I can't pinpoint it. Finally, a genius idea from My Little Beauty, an "illuminating moisturiser for legs" to get them ready for summer. Such a nice idea!

Now onto the best. The first lifestyle goody was a turban - to be worn a few different ways according to how you feel I guess. Ideas kindly suggested at the back. Turbans aren't quite my thing, but I did get one from Liberty's at Christmas, and will give this one a good go too. In any case, it's a pretty thing in a pretty box, what's not to like? But the best, best thing was the ring. I've read a few comments on IG about people loving it, and it's true, you cannot not like it, it's gorgeous! Shaped in a golden leaf it's an adorable accessory for all seasons, but comes just the week the Cannes festival started - I wonder if the team that put the box together had that in mind? Anyway, I wore mine the very first day and got people in work asking me about it straight away. It's definitely a hit here!

Overall the packaging was fab again this month, right down to every little detail, I love how neat and cute everything looks. What a surprise to find the Cherry Blossom Girl on the front cover too, I've been one of her followers for years now, and it's nice to see her doing a different kind of modelling! So, on the whole it's been another fab box, super worth it.
Did you like yours?

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