Monday, 9 May 2016

my little flower book

Once again today, in the nick of time before the May box arrives, here is my monthly Little Box post. I absolutely adored it, right up my street, and so fitting with the season.
Our own garden is blooming at the moment, it's been such a transformation over the past couple of weeks, and we feel really blessed to finally be able to enjoy the sunshine without having to pack a bag and treck to the local park. Anyway, back to our flower book.

 So April was all about flowers. First of all the box wasn't really a box, but rather a "book" - snazzy for hiding tiny secrets in your bookshelf. The colour scheme was lovely, all in oranges and greens.
So, on to goodies.
Lifestyle goodies truly felt like a treat this time, with a mini appartment garden to grow on your windowsill (I've put mine in the bathroom). I thought this was such a lovely idea, and with no need for a big open space to use it, it's perfect for everyone. Next came another great treat from a collaboration with Balzac Paris, the superb lingerie bag. I'll be honest with you, I never had the need for one of those before but I can see myself using it on one of our upcoming trips very soon. Even more pleasing, its colous perfectly match a new pair of underwear I bought in France last month!

Beatuty goodies were a genuine surprise, as they are most months. If you know my instagram account, you will surely know I have a thing for peonies, my favourite flower. So finding a peony shower gel by L'Occitane was fab, I felt like it was made just for me!  Then we had a nail varnish, the first one ever since I started my subscription. I haven't tried it yet, but il looks like a good shade, I had a similar one from Mavala before. And finally, MyLittle Beauty's product is a Rosee du Matin. Again, this is perfectly in line with the monthly theme, right down to the packaging.
I am so, so happy with this month's, well it's last month's in reality, Little Box, I can't wait for the new one to arrive.  And I will try to post about it sooner than 4 weeks late! In the meantime, enjoy your flowers wherever you are.

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