Tuesday, 7 June 2016

3 things to smile about

First thing to smile about is an obvious one, it's the simplest pleasure of opening the door and stepping in your garden to pick whatever herb you need for dinner. Shortly after we moved in, Baby J and I raided the local garden centre (a painful discovery when we arrived at the till - golly, those little green things don't come cheap!) and got our hands on pots, plants, flowers, gloves, tools and of course, a range of herbs. Fresh and home-grown, yummy!

Next, flat-laying all my pretties for the holidays. Said holidays are over now, boo hoo, but getting ready to get away is one of my favourite things. I guess it helps when you are off somewhere hot and well accompanied, which was the case last week. So, in my suitcase this time: new sunnies from French Connection, a flowery headband, my beloved new ring from My Little Box, the amazing sunscreen from Hawaiian Tropic(not too sticky and not too perfumed, just right), and a new pair of summer heels from Caroll France. When I saw them in their new catalogue last Easter I had to have them. Vain, I know.
I confess, I have a tendency to overpack and this time was no exception. But hey, you just never know what you might need!

Last but not least, our new chouchou TV series. We were late catching this one, and now I think we are hoo-ked. Honestly, how brilliant are the characters?

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