Monday, 13 June 2016

le soleil vient de se lever...

Apologies to those of you who didn't grow up in France in the 80s - you might not get my cheesy title. We used to have this series of adverts on TV, promoting Ricore, a weird granule coffee ersatz. In every ad there would be a group of friends or a family gathering outside for a big, happy breakfast with Ricore, and the song was always the same, starting with the famous words "le soleil vient de se lever..." Lots of people made fun of the ads, and plenty of spoofs were made. 
Anyway all that to say, we were lucky enough to be invited to the south of France by a dear friend and each morning when we were getting breakfast ready the song would just naturally pop into my head, and then stay there. Stuck. For hours. 
The thing is, breakfasts were colossal for a week, and to tell you the extent of it, I feel like I have to go running to burn off all the croissants and pains au chocolat. Me. A week later. 

Provence is such a picture-perfect place. It would be hard not to love it. The lovely village of Ramatuelle was the backdrop for our first meal out together. What a great view onto the sea! From this moment on the tone was set for the week: we were going to eat (a lot), laugh, not care much about anything, and most importantly, talk about new ventures. We have already had those talks before and nothing ever came to fruition but maybe this time something will come of it. All we need to do now is finalise that business plan, right? 
Oh, who are we kidding, Guapa?  Just pass the Prosecco, and let's see if the idea sticks for as long as the last one ten years ago...especially now that we both have kiddos. What laughs along the way though hey! And tomorrow is another day, no doubt we'll wake up to the old tune again "le soleil vient de se lever..."

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