Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A summer of pottering around

I am back today after seriously neglecting my blog these past few weeks. Truth be told, it has been a lovely summer spent mostly here at home. Our new home has kept me busy with a bit of gardening here and a bit of redecorating there, not to mention having to entertain my favourite three year old! So, on the whole it's been a summer of pottering around really.
One of my favourite days out with my visiting family was spent in Chartwell again - earlier visit here.

My, this fruit and vegetable garden there is just to die for. I have serious garden-envy when I visit. And obviously, don't get me started about these dahlias! And therefore, I would say that the downside of going to Chartwell is that you start getting those dreams of grandeur and go to your local garden centre, and end up spending far more than you intended to. Oh dear. Armed with google and pinterest at my side, I look for pretty garden ideas, landscape projects, and tips on how and when best to plant my little darlings. Pottering around, I tell you. Bless this summer.

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