Tuesday, 23 August 2016

3 things to smile about #3

Well, hasn't it been a while since my last post here my lovelies? That's summer for you: time slows down, you start fiddling with your new home, visiting places and people, and before you know it you realise it's nearly over. And all those lovely posts you'd planned just got totally side-tracked. So, now it's time to catch up and get back in the swing of things before we're all back in school. And what better way to ease my way back in than to talk about some of the nice things that made me smile recently?
Doesn't that just make you instantly happy, hey? Works a charm for me every time.

Next, Anthropologie. I get serious home furnishing cravings every time I go. Fortunately I don't go too often. But seriously, how cute are those initial hangers and door knobs? For me it's a great source of inspiration, and I find visiting the main store on Regent St ever so relaxing.

Another foodie one I'm afraid! Not only are those Maitre Choux eclairs perfect for IG photos, but they also taste super nice. Don't get me wrong, they are pricy, but well worth a little detour if you're in South Ken. Yummy!

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