Thursday, 4 August 2016

my little coconut box

True to tradition, I'm a little late in introducing July's little box. But lo and behold, here it is at last! This one is a serious contender for the top favourite box so far since I started my subscription in January. My little Coconut box carries its theme all the way through, and it's been a real pleasure to discover each of the items, as they're all super tropical and perfect for holidays. I do wonder what's in store for the rest of the year, and can't wait to review and rate all 12 boxes!

First let's talk beauty products: all three are perfect to put into your holiday bag, and this is exactly what I'll do with the after-sun spray from My Little Beauty. So, yes - Mr Peony, the toddler and I have booked ourselves another sunny holiday and it is just the kind of product I need to take with me. I think on that note, the hand gel would also come in handy, but I don't think it will make it till then! As usual, I should say how impressed I am with the pretty packaging from My Little Beauty, it's always really nice and sleek. My least favourite item in the whole box is the Yves Rocher coconut perfume. Frankly, anything Yves Rocher just reminds me of my childhood, it's the kind of shop both my grand-mothers would go to, and just not my cup of tea.

The lifestyle goodies were sooooo cute this month! First we had a siouperb thin golden bracelet from Stella & Dot. This, again, is THE accessory to fit a lovely tan for when you go out for drinks at the beach bar after a lazy day in the sun. Or in my case, for when you get ready for a city date night with your hubby! Anyway, needless to say, this one's been adopted and added to my accessories collection quicker than you can say "pronto".
The next thing is something I've never owned before: a passport holder. Mine says "Let's get lost" but I saw a couple of different versions over on social media. I just love the whole tropical theme this month, and can't wait to put all my goodies to good use on my next tropical holiday.
To finish the lot off, of course, we had our lovely light-hearted magazine and a top illustration from Kanako, I just love it. And a little dry il sample for those summer skins. Now that I have a growing collection of boxes I am starting to wonder what to do with them. Any ideas?

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