Wednesday, 28 September 2016

3 things to smile about #4

'Three things to smile about' is back today with an autumnal theme, one of my favourite times of the year! Despite catching a little cold, I love the crisp fresh evenings, the pink sunsets, cosying up at home with a warm meal, the return of good TV, golden leaves starting to fall, all of it.

The first thing that makes me smile endlessly at the moment, are my apples. We knew we'd have a lot, but we didn't realise quite how many. To be honest, most are bad or half rotten before they even fall on the ground. But my goodness, there are still so many to do things with.
So, we waited patiently until they were good enough to cook and bearable to taste, and here is one of the batches of compote I made this week. I hope they will freeze well. In the meantime anyway, it's apple-fest everyday chez nous!

Next up, some lovely bath bombs all wrapped up prettily from Miss Patisserie. Nothing says autumn like a big bath and a fizz, right? Super cosy.

And swiftly onto my last thing. I found those little slippers at Next recently. I love a good star pattern! They're the perfect accessory to welcome autumn in. Cosy nights, here I come!

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