Monday, 3 October 2016

my little Mademoiselle box

September for a teacher in a nutshell: wake up at 6 again everyday, see colleagues and catch up for the whole of 5 minutes, go to endless meetings, plan strategies and explain "your" exam results, photocopy a million pages, open your empty planner, your new textbooks and make magic happen, and eventually finally open the classroom door, greet "your" kids, and do what you came here for, what you do best. At the end of my first actual lesson this September, when I let the kids go to the tune of "let's do this then, welcome back" I felt a sort of tingle, like THIS is what I'm here for, the kick I get from being good (I think) at what I do.
But I digress, this is the Little Box monthly post. Mademoiselle it is, this month, then, and what a stylish lovely surprise it was.

On the beauty front, we have a Korean sheet mask by Erborian - I am a big fan of sheet masks, they're just great and mess-free. Mine is a "ginseng shot" one, which has a lifting effect - perfect for this time of year, really, because I'm not such a fan of getting up when it's dark.
Next up is the Little Beauty mascara. To be honest, we already had a mascara a few months back, so I don't really need one, but it could be my back-up to keep in the office drawer for those parents' evening emergencies!
And finally another (yep, two repeats this month!) Yves Rocher perfume. I've already spoken of those here, they remind me of my grandmothers. Yikes. Office drawer for emergencies again, me thinks.  

The lifestyle present is a gorgeous purse/clutch from Claudie Pierlot. Understandably perhaps, it is the only goodie in the box this month, but frankly I can see why. This is a gorgeous little purse, and I know exactly when I'll be using it for the first time!
This September box was super stylish overall, elegant and very pretty as usual, and I love a good collaboration with a bigger brand. The beauty goodies haven't been, perhaps, as good as other times, but I don't really mind.
The magazine more than made up for it in terms of inspiration(hello plumetis), and my clutch purse will be cherished. Just what the doctor ordered at a time when we need some much-needed distractions from book-marking and powerpoint meetings ;)
It's good to dream. 

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