Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Berlin 2016 - part 2

Berlin never fails to surprise us. Through our past visits we've managed to see most of the museums and monuments around, so this time we had not made any plans whatsoever and just went with the flow. Sundays are always funny on "the continent" of course, because not much is open, and you can easily just end up spending a whole day walking around. Luckily we had some great guides for the day, and surprised we were indeed. 
We started off with a completely new thing for us, a Kleingartenkolonie, or the German version of a leisurely, super-well maintained allotment. I could have stayed hours spying on the manicured lawns and oh-so-kitch chalets, it was fantastic! 
The weather was not so clement, alas, so we headed to Museum fur Kommunication, which we'd never come across before. We spent a good couple of hours browsing the exhibits and trying to get our head round the Golden Ratio, which was the focus of their temporary exhibition. I am in love with those glass cloches, what a great way to display something special! 
Of course the day was once more punctuated with food, food, and more food. We should really have skipped lunch, but the thought of leaving Mr Peony without his currywurst was just too heartbreaking. It goes without saying we all felt obliged to accompany him and order a "snack". The next best thing was our gigantic dinner in Kreuzberg, a place specialising in schnizel which came highly recommended by our guides. Oh my, what a mistake this was - I think it's mandatory to put on three kilos with each visit there. Honestly, when they brought the first plate over, I was like "oh, ok, it's a platter to share between the four of us, cool". Then came three more of the same, one for each of us. Oh dear. The trouble is, it was so good you could barely stop yourself from eating it. I do feel a bit ashamed. Then we pushed the boat out and ordered dessert. More shame. And didn't even walk home or to the tube, got into a taxi just two steps outside. My, oh my. Good job we only see you twice a year, Concept Tours!

If you've not been to Berlin yet, don't even think about it, and go book your tickets now, it's a fabulous place for a weekend city break. I hope I've managed to convince you. 
We have, of course, some favourite places, and I'd be happy to write a post on our "coups de coeur" if some of you are interested - just let me know here or via my Instagram account.

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