Sunday, 23 October 2016

Berlin 2016 - part 1

At last, half-term has come, which means I can catch up on my posting a bit!
One of the great things about living close to an international airport, is that you can quickly catch a flight after work on Friday, and spend a cheeky weekend away - just what we did last month.
This is far from our first visit to Berlin (2009, 2010, 2015) , but any excuse is good to come back again. The promise of a weekend with good friends, visiting trendy and edgy places, enjoying currywurst - need I say more?

 After a gargantuesque breakfast chez Concept Tours, we headed to Bikini. The place was really cool and relaxed, we caught up over cappucino, and the kids had a blast looking over the zoo monkeys on the viewing terrace.  Possibly the best buys of day was the loot of Christmas chocolates and biscuits from the little supermarket - we're so greedy I could almost be ashamed ;)
But honestly, resisting these treats would have been hard, don't you think?

We stopped over at Neni for cocktails and a bite (their trio of hummus was to die for). It was super crowded up there, but we managed to wriggle our way to the best seats of the house by their massive window overlooking Tiergarten (I won't mention my panic attack re fear of heights, that's just not cool when you're in the trendiest bar in town!)

 Our last stop for the day was at the photobooth, where everyone had a go at pulling their best pose. Man, I wish they had cool cheap photoboothes like that over here - at 2 euros for 4 poses, it was an absolute steal.
On the day I debuted my new autumn love, a wolly cape from Massimo Dutti. It's a really comfortable item, and can easily be worn with anything casual, perfect for a little weekend away in Berlin!
Part 2 of our little escapade coming soon, featuring the Golden Ratio AND Kleigartenkolonie, treat or what?

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