Saturday, 15 March 2014

♥ 13 years ♥

Thirteen years ago I was studying for my masters in English and was living in a box room provided by the university. I'd already met Mr Lavender a few months before and we'd been out for drinks and had spent many an evening together with common friends. I was carefree and so was he. I had a part-time job in a restaurant that I loved (lots of tips = lots of new clothes all the time!) and didn't ever worry about the future.
In a lot of ways things have changed dramatically. We have already sort of grown old together. We've been on never-ending cheap road trips in Europe for our holidays, made and lost friends along the way, moved a couple of times, realised some of our dream trips, become more serious, put a few kilos on, finally got married and had a baby,etc. and...  we've always kept our complicity.
I wouldn't change any of it, for he still makes me laugh, still holds my hand when I need him to, but can also give me a push in the right direction when I am undecided...and he cooks like a chef!
Thirteen years already!
Last year I was persuaded that Baby would come on this anniversary date of ours, but she waited a few more days. Some of our NCT friends have started to celebrate their little ones' first birthdays though, so I embarked on this mini sewing project for them. I figure most couples will be snowed under with gifts for babies, so I made something useful for their wardrobe, and being the thrifty person I am, I used up some of my scraps.

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  1. Time flies! It was also G and I anniversary last thursday (10 years and 6 living together!). Can't believe!
    Lovely fabric stash convination. I love your new sewing project!


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