Tuesday, 11 March 2014

home and away

 ♥ Did I enjoy being away from my baby (and my gorgeous husband) for the first time?
A definite no. The nice thing is that I got to see a few lovely windows and stocked up on some home products. We used to have a whole cupboard full of French stuff that we called "le supermarché francais" but we never keep as much now. It's a very weird feeling being away from Baby for the first time, especially over the Channel - hello worst case scenarios...what if the shuttle breaks down and I'm stuck for 2 days? what if the husband can't cope without me? Guess what, they got on just fine without me!

♥ Home is where the heart is. Mine is in my little corner of London with my two favourite people around. It's far from perfect but I wouldn't change any of it right now. As a true capricorn, I am allergic to change anyway. That said, I think it might be time to make an alteration to the blog and capitalise on my language skills to write in my home language too, for those of you who follow me from France. But right now Baby has just woken from her nap, so duty calls.

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  1. I think one of the best things to go away from home is when you get back. Travelling and disconnect is just great, but I also miss my little corner and wish my people were with me all the time. Such is life!
    When I started my blog there weren't many blogs in my home language. That's way I write it in English, besides it makes me to carry on writing in that second language I learnt quite late. Now there are a lot of wonderful blogs written in Spanish and sometimes feel like changing all of it. Let's see if I finally make it, you know I'm very far from being a good blogger :-(. Anyway, if you finally change the language it'd be a challenge for me to understand and learn some French through it!


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