Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Holidays back home in countryside France don't always feel like a holiday, I think I might have mentionned it here or there already. This year after some soul-searching and many discussions with my better half I decided to spend only a week. And that turned out perfectly for both the Toddler and I. We had great weather as well, which always helps, because the Internet is soooo slow and the shops soooo far there's really not much else to do but use the pool and get a bit of a tan (oh, and eat, of course!).
On to the question of home again then. As an expat of many years now, I feel like the UK is now my one and only home. Of course, back home will also always be that, but say, for example, I cannot use the Secu anymore (French equivalent of NHS) and here is where I work, pay taxes, live and bring my baby up. So when relatives "back home" ask me if, by now, I've gotten used to living in England, I am not sure how to respond or make them understand. Like....yeah, silly, HERE is where I feel like a foreigner now!
Anyway, enough with the rant. This is the holidays, and now that I am back home to the UK, I intend to make the absolute most of it. Top of my list since the weekend has been to make a list of summer goals, and I think I have something good to work from. Stay tuned, more coming soon if I stick to my schedule. Which I fully intend to do ;)

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