Monday, 4 July 2016

my little summer box

"Girls just wanna have sun". If you opened your June box without beaming out a big smile,  hats off. June really should be all about the sun and summer but here in the UK it's been pretty dire. That might be why I have lagged behind in my monthly review of the Summer Box. Well, that and having a perfectly awful time (can we say that?) dealing with other silly worries but let's not tarnish the happy place that is this blog ;)

So, Summer it was for June. On the beauty side, first, some eye glitter glue. I'll be honest with you, I have no idea what it really does, how to use it, and don't intend to use it anytime soon. This might actually be the first box item I will throw away / give out. I guess it's just not my thing anymore, been there, done that, kinda thing.
Next we were treated to a Ciate nail varnish, which I proceeded to try on straight away, and I loved it instantly. Mine came in an off-red colour, slighltly orange and perfect for the season. The next goodie was My Little Beauty's beach hair spray. A light coconutty spray to get you that bit closer to looking like a surfer girl. Unfortunately My Little Box didn't provide the secret recipe to actually having the perfect surfer body to accompany the hair. Shame, hey?

On the lifestyle goodies side, we have a Bikini swinsuit pouch. I can see this being practical when you have a wet costume to carry around, or simply just to have a spare bikini if you need a quick change. Then there is a summery white vest with a season-appropriate message: "girls just wanna have sun" - ideal was hanging around in the sun. So, sun, please hurry up and come and shine on our corner of the world!
On top of that we had a super lucky month with an extra goodie - Aqua Fizz iced tea from Kusmi. The brand needs no introduction, their teas are gorgeous, and I can't wait to try this one. Hopefully we will have a nice hot weekend this week, perfect for a BBQ, fruit slald and some refreshing berry and hibiscus iced tea!

Not long now until the next box arrives - I can't wait for the July instalment. And the holidays, of course. I am definitely counting the days now, even if the summer will be fairly quiet.

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